Kitchen storage solutions

Many homes in New England have "built-in-place" cabinets which pre-date the standard sized drop-in cabinets in modern homes. They present unique challenges to make them useful and efficient. We can update them to meet modern needs without the expense and mess of tearing out everything and replacing them.

old kitchen cacinet

A standard early kitchen cabinet with minimal shelving can be outfitted with pullouts for pans (right) and upright storage for trays and boards.

upright storage for trays  kitchen cabinet
 closet in kitchen

See above


The drawers next to the refrigerator were removed so a dishwasher
could be installed. On the other side of the kitchen was a closet which was not configured for its best use. We built a new cabinet to use the old drawers and created two pullouts to place above the drawers.


 new closet  new pullout


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June 15, 2024