Log home restoration projects

Log homes present unique challenges and require unconventional methods for repairs and alterations.

Joists for loft

New joists to support a loft

Framing for closet

Framing a closet in the loft

Custom built closet doors

Custom doors for closet area

Railing on loft

Railing and flooring to match existing

 Bad log end

Logs ends often rot if they are not sealed when installed and resealed every few years. Repaired ends at right.

 Repaired log ends

 Removing bad log face

Sometimes the log face rots, but the core is good.

New log face

To repair it, the face must be chipped off and a new log face attached on top of the old core.

 Sliding glass doors in a log cabin

These old sliding doors were ready to be replaced

 Sliding glass doors in a log cabin

So the homeowner decided to replace them with windows.

 New windows in log cabiin

New framing around crank-out windows - side and front

 New windows in log cabiin
 Logs cut in half

Stack of cut logs 

Logs cut and ready to install under windows.

 New logs under windows

Log faces installed under new windows to complete the look

New logs under windows 
 Log home deck and front door

Log home with new door and deck railing
Entrance and storm door replacement with deck enhancements



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July 23, 2024