Historic building restoration projects

New England offers many historic buildings that require regular maintenance and sometimes drastic measures to stabilize them for the future. Foundation construction two centuries ago was quite different from present methods and presents interesting challenges when main components fail. Here are some of our projects:

Front door sill

Previous owner filled plastic bags with fiberglas insulation

Beside front door

Serious damage from termites

Front door sill Front door sill
 New sill under door  Front door sill

 truck with trailerIn order to repair windows on the front of Antrim Town Hall without inconveniencing pedestrians, we made a complete portable shop.

carpenter working on trailer 
 rotten siding  rotten siding
 new insulation duplicate trim 
 duplicate trim

new window

Four windows had suffered from rot for years. Each one was built differently inside and had to be completely reframed and insulated. Replacement trim for the original profiles was not available commercially, so we routed duplicate trims to match existing trim on other areas of the building.


 Wood gutters on 18th century house

Custom-made wood gutters for 18th century house

 Wood gutters on historic house

Custom-made wood gutters for historic home



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